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Dental Marketing Ideas to Attract More Patients

Dental Marketing Ideas to Attract More Patients

To say that the dental profession has become incredibly competitive would be an understatement. It seems like new dental practices are popping up every day in your community. As with any business, marketing your dental practice can help you get a leg up on the competition. Here are some dental marketing ideas that should help you win new patients.

Engage in a little one-upmanship

It’s important to know what your competitors are offering so you would know how you can do better. So if your competitors are offering one procedure for a certain price, throw in an additional dental service or product for free, and you will catch the attention of potential patients. Or, you can make your schedules more flexible, like before and after school appointments or being open on weekends. Patients value convenience above all else.

Create a customer referral bonus program

When you provide excellent dental service to your patient, he or she will likely tell others about how good you are. That is good word of mouth, and it’s something that you should be encouraging. Giving those who refer you to their friends and family incentives would be a great way of motivating them to tell as many people as they can about your practice. Discounts on future dental services, gift cards, or special prizes should make referring your practice to others worth their while.

Be active online

Everyone’s using the Internet these days, and you would be missing a big chunk of the market if you don’t establish an online presence. You can put up a website, a blog, or a social media page to help you reach out to more potential patients. You can even join local online forums and groups so you can engage with the community and build a relationship with the people in the process. Posting videos about oral health and dentistry on YouTube and Facebook can also draw attention. Just make sure that you keep them fun and informative at the same time. Some local dental SEO is highly recommended!

Attend local Chamber of Commerce meetings

Always remember that your dental practice is a business, and a business would do well to be active in the local Chamber of Commerce. Attend meetings and join activities of your local Chamber so you can network with other businesses and individuals in the community, and increase your visibility.

Host or sponsor fun events

The dental profession is a serious one, but your practice doesn’t have to be that serious. You can show to your community that you know how to have fun as well. When there are charity fun runs, you and your entire dental team can join them. If a music festival comes to town, become one of the sponsors. Participating in such activities raises your visibility, and it’s a very organic way of building trust and respect among people in your town or city.

While dental marketing works, some dental professionals commit dental marketing mistakes that could hurt their efforts. If you want to know what those mistakes are so you can avoid them, check out the infographic below.

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